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3 Best Ways to Use Wooden Hangers

Knowing the best methods of using wooden hangers in the clothes cupboard

The clothes that add style and oomph to the personality of a person have to be kept in a neat manner. However folding and keeping clothes by using a stacking method is not of much help when dresses, suits, party wear or other fancy or formal garments are concerned. If you are wondering how to main a clean file of clothes then the idea of using hangers are bound to come to one’s mind. Hangers are easily available in most shops and you can easily buy these. Some disposable hangers are also present but these are not to be used for the fancy closet. Therefore it becomes vital to choose the right kind of hangers. In any case it is important to understand that organic materials are far better than synthetic materials and in case of hangers too it is always suitable to invest in good quality organic hangers that won’t damage the clothes.

Making an informed choice when it comes to selecting clothes hangers

When hangers have to be selected the most important thing is to explore the closet and also take the dimension of the closet into consideration for choosing the most suitable hangers. The hangers have to fit snugly inside the wardrobe and should be able to hold clothes in a crease free manner. Wooden hangers are the best options when it is about making the wardrobe clean and structured. The best part of wooden hangers is that these are made of natural wood and don’t spoil the garment like synthetic hangers. The best hangers for clothes come with a strong handle and a smoothly polished surface that will be able to keep the garments without causing any crinkles. For arranging the closet the different kinds of garments present in the wardrobe will help in determining the design of the hangers which are to be chosen. List of wooden hangers that are suitable for different kinds of garments are enlisted below:

1. Hangers with clips

These hangers are suitable for holding skirts along with tops or jackets. The top part of the hanger is suitably designed for keeping the top wear in an unwrinkled manner and in addition to that there is a bar which has special clips for holding the skirt in place and also prevents it from sliding off the bar. It is always easier to keep dresses prearranged so that during any occasion one can quickly pick out a perfect set from the wardrobe.

2. Hangers with bar for holding suits

Most people keep the entire suit along with pants ready for wearing and with sturdy wooden hangers it is very easy to do so. The shirt can be slipped on the top of the hanger and as there are no pointed ends the shirt won’t develop creases. The bar is below and it is designed in such a way so that the pant doesn’t slip from the bar and at the same time the bar is polished so that the clothes are not damaged.

3. Child sized and child friendly hangers

The clothes of kids are much smaller in size and it might not be possible to use regular hangers for kids’ garments. Therefore one should choose perfectly carved and correctly sized hangers that can be used for arranging kids’ clothes in the closet. These hangers are also very well polished so that kids can also handle these without any discomfort.

Therefore it is vital to purchase hangers that are needed for solving the wardrobe problems in one’s household and nothing is better than an array of wooden hangers which are organic and stylish at the same time.