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Hang Your Clothes With Wall Decorative Panels

Clothes can be hung anywhere. Whether you have a two door wardrobe, a three door closet, or a walk-in wardrobe or just wall panels for hanging and arranging your clothes, you can do all if you have the right hanging tools for the clothes. Who said you have to store clothes in a closet only, and cannot store openly in a wall panel? You can always do that, and store clothes in style. All you need is a good hanging method to hang the clothes with the right gapping in between, so that they do not rub and tangle with each other.

How to plan cloth storage in wall panels?


You can plan storage of clothes in wall panels by simply arranging for the hanging hook on the top of the panel or shelf. This is a simple plan. Your hooks must be strong enough to support clothes in a hanging mode. You may also fold clothes and store them one on top of another. But then, folded clothes often forms great weight on the clothes at the bottom of the pile. And if you store clothes at the bottom which would require ironing and pleats for better styling or neatness, then you would surely lose the crease on that piece of cloth. That is why you need to relieve delicate clothes or pure cotton clothes from the extra pressure. The best way therefore to organize clothes is to hang them. And to hang them you need quality hangers.

Install the hooks with this plan

When you are talking with a carpenter or handyman for installing cloth hanging hooks on the wall hanger panels, you need to ensure the hooks are strong enough to support the weight of the wooden hanger and the cloth too. You know well that suits are one of the highest weighted clothes, and then again you know that wooden hangers are also heavyweight than other hangers. But then again you may need this combination to be hung, because suits are best suspended on wooden hangers, and it’s not just suit, but any kind of cloth when hung on wooden hangers sustains the best in quality, texture, and crease. That is why your hooks have to be planned that way, that they can withstand this pressure for years. There are wall decorative panels available with readymade hooks installed too, which are designed to store clothes in case you want to.

Why choose wooden hangers for wall panel cloth storage

If you are planning cloth storage in hangers, then you can’t get anything better than wood. Wooden hangers do not rust, neither do they change shape with time and pressure. Hence clothes do not get de-shaped in wooden hangers. Light colored dresses may catch rust stain in metal and wire hangers, but this won’t happen in wood. Also the chance of a wooden hanger breaking under the cloth pressure or aging and breaking just like plastic is so rare. That is why wooden hangers are kind of a lifetime investment which adds to the class. Moreover when your hanger would be seen in the open style all panel storage, then you better go for something which exhibits class quality and style.

Why are wooden hangers a better option? Delicate and high priced clothes like suits that have pads on shoulders and need that support there gets pampered with the right support in the wooden hangers. Polo shirts, which often gets crushed at collars under heavyweight when kept folded ina pile are treated best in wooden hangers where the shirts stay on, does not slip and fall as in metal, and the collar shape also is retained.