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How Many Hangers You Need In Your Closet?

md shop polo - How Many Hangers You Need In Your Closet?
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Ready with a nicely built closet and preparing to buy the best wooden hangers to complement the closet and your well-chosen garments? Now is the time to find the answer to that important question on buying hangers, and that is how many hangers you would need for the clothes. A few logics would help you find the answer to this.

Do not go by your number of clothes

A simple answer that might pop into your head is to determine the number of required hangers by the number of clothes you have, which you need to hang and store. But this might get tricky here. If you have say hundred pieces of clothes that need hanging, and there you have space in the closet to hang fifty clothes, then where would you place the remaining fifty hangers and the clothes? Due to this reason, you have to calculate it the other way round. You need to calculate the space in your closet first, and then come to the number of hangers you need.

Go by the space inside your closet

How much space you have inside your closet for hangers? This question does not tell you to find the volume of the inside of the closet. This question would rather tell you to find the amount of space you get to hang the hangers, or to simply put it the length of hanging rod you have in there. It all depends on the size or length of the hanging rod you have inside the closet. There are some general rules of spacing in between hangers and clothes that is followed globally. And if you know this, it would be really easy for you to determine the number of hangers you need to buy to use the entire length of hanging space at its best.

Women’s closet and general overview

When you hang clothes in hangers, then to ensure the clothes are maintained neatly, and one hanger or cloth does not rub or push into another to spoil the pleats or shape of each other, there must be a simple one finger gap in between each hung cloth or each hanger. This means every foot of hanging space can have 16 hangers easily when you want to maintain this gap in between each hanger. In case you want to accommodate more clothes, you may tuck in one or two extra hangers per foot after 16. However if the clothes are demanding more space like jackets or blazers etc. which are voluptuous, then you may only be able to accommodate 12 to 13 hangers per foot space. Therefore, now you have a clear understanding of how many hangers you would like to buy after measuring this hanging space in your closet.however all these statistics work well for a women’s closet.

Men’s closet

For the men’s closet, the numbers would vary a little. If you are planning to hang only t-shirts which do not take much space, then you may hang up to 19 hangers per foot. However of you want to hang jackets and suit that are bulky you may make space for 15 hanger per foot. Simple shirts and casual to format dresses would allow you to use 15 to 16 hangers per foot.

Why wooden hangers are better preference?

Wooden hangers are better preference because wood being durable and a rust free option for hanging clothes works better than plastic and wire hangers.

How costly are wooden hangers?

Looking at the important fact that wooden hangers are a once in a lifetime investment on hangers, you would really like the idea of never again replacing another damaged hanger, thereby realizing that it’s the best economic option in the longer run.