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Improve Your Look of Your Polo Shirts

Polo shirts look great and imparts a sober and smart look to the wearer. But they look great only when you maintain them in their best shape. The main point of problem with this shape retention is the collar. Most polo shirt wearers complain of the collar being stuck up or rolled out in the edges, or complain of a bad resistant crease in the collar which does not go after lot of ironing. Another problem faced by users is the wide opening of the collar after wearing which looks bad. All of these problems are basically the outcome of poor storage, bad washing and drying techniques, and inadequate ironing of the polo shirts. And thankfully they all can be corrected.A shirt with a problem collar can be made to look better, and the new shirts can be retained really well to never let these problems occur in them.

Caring for your polo shirt

Here are some tips to maintain and care for your Polo shirts in a way that you never face any issue with the collar:

  • Wringing the shirt for drying is a bad way to treat it. You should not leave the shirt in the dryer for total drying, because it’s the heat in the dryer which actually ruins the collar shape. Rather you can keep the cloth for air drying after the initial water is squeezed off the short in the tumble drying system. This way the collar does not get crimped, folded or rolled in the edges.
  • If you want to straighten the stubborn folds in the collar then a few pressurized strokes of the steam iron with enough steam jet on the collar would help a lot.
  • Quality speaks for itself no doubt. That is why shirts which are higher priced would naturally retain their collar in better shape longer.
  • A very important thing you should not miss is the way you store the polo shirts. While youcan always fold the shirts, you ideally should not. That’s because whenyou fold the shirts then the pressure of the upper shirtsonthe lower ones in a pile crushes the shape of the collar. That is why some of the major problems with collars like gaping wide after wearing, and broken or rolled edges etc. do appear. And once the problem occurs, it’s difficult to adjust it. That is why polo shirts are best hung on hangers. There are Polo Hangers for Shirts available, and you can hang the polo shirts on them easily to neatly store them and avoid crushing or spoiling the shape of the collar.
  • When you hang the shirts of the Polo wooden hangers, then make sure to close the collar button of the shirt to ensure best collar shape protection. Also positon the collar on the hanger such that you are wearing the shirt at present.

These tips work in retaining shape of the collars of Polo shirts, so that you may never have to complain of the common collar shape and style problems in them.You can buy Polo shirt compatible wooden hangers online. These hangers would help you store the shirts properly and increase longevity of their look and quality.

Where can I get wooden hangers for Polo shirts?

You can buy Polo shirt compatible wooden hangers online. You will have to search for wooden Polo hangers.

How are wooden hangers better for Polo shirts?

Wooden hangers are better than plastic, wire, or metal hangers because the hanger material neither rusts with time to bring yellow stains on the fabric, nor does the shape of the hanger bends or gets pointed at edges with time. Therefore wooden hangers retaintheir shape and health through life and go on for many years.