Rialto Storm


Rialto Storm

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A storm of colours for your modern hanger

The black and red of Rialto Storm combines in a storm of passion and mystery. The perfect atmosphere for an old-timey story set in the wonderful Venice. Rialto Storm, with its strong and decisive colours, it is a modern hanger and also very extremely functional.

Palladio Panels

Rialto Storm coat can match a panel that can be used as a support, but also as a decoration for the walls. You can choose from three variants: White, Grey and Wengé.


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To tidy up and to give a touch of class to your house, Rialto Storm is the solution. The red and black hanger is made with solid ash wood, with its moving parts made with 24kt gold dipped metal. Black and cherry make a very impactful union, that brightens the furniture. Rialto Storm is fixable on the wall thanks to the hooks, and you can close to save space.

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