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General Sales Conditions

Fabrica guarantees the delivery of high quality products. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority and our purpose is to offer them the best service possible.

Our motivation is to serve each and every client so that their satisfaction is assured. To this end we endeavour to offer our excellent General Sales Conditions. Our hangers are made of solid ash wood and therefore they are subject to the small natural wood grain imperfections which do not compromise their quality, but rather exalt the product’s value. In our shop you will find a vast choice of colors and possible combinations. The pictures of the items are in high definitions, but like all things, the viewing varies according to the instrument one uses to visualize them. The Sales Contract is closed when we accept the client’s order and we have received the Sale approval by our Payment Department. The Sale is approved with our confirmation email which lists all included elements, and by an accompanying invoice.


Fabrica’s Sales Conditions, which are accessible through our website (majordomo.ch) are valid for all items which we offer for sale. Fabrica has the right to modify or suspend its product’s offer at any time.

Warranty and Responsabilities

Our responsability for delivered items is limited to the item’s replacement. If we are able to deliver a replacement within a reasonable time, it excludes cancellation or price reduction of the sale in question. Eventual complaints regarding defects on the products delivered, must be made within 14 days from reception. If upon our inspection of the returned items, it is established that the damage was caused by the improper utilization of the merchandise or by the client’s negligent behaviour, all costs for replacement and shipping will be borne by the client.

The warranty covers defects in paint (peeling, bubbles) and manufacturing defects from the date of delivery and it is valid for two years. The warranty does not cover the accidental dropping of the item, neither the disassembly or an erroneus wall mounting. As stated above, the warranty does not cover natural wood grain imperfections.

Fabrica will not be responible of revenue loss, data and for any other indirect damage of any nature from or otherwise connected to the General Sale Conditions.


Our business activity is based esclusively on Swiss Law. The referent Forum is in Lugano, Switzerland.

Data protection

Fabrica archives only the indispensable data which is only used to close the sale, or to allow our regular clients easy-of-use for their online experience on our website.

Collected data is strictly confidential and it is not relayed to third parties for publicity purposes.

Delivery Conditions

Ordered items immediately available are sento out according to the hour they are received to our shipping department, usually the same day, or the day after. We kindly ask you to be aware about delivery times as noted on the website according to each product. These are standard industry times which can undergo variations. An eventual late delivery which is not attributable directly to us, does not entitle the client to any discount.

Order Compliance

Products must be inspected after delivery to be assured that they were the same as ordered. Any anomaly which is recorded at reception (broken package, missing items, defected items, or whatever not in compliance with the invoice sent at purchase time), must be immediately reported and written in the reception from handed by the delivery person, including comments, and must be signed by the client.

If the products do not correspond to what ordered, the client must immediately inform Fabrica at the following email address: support@majordomo.ch and the client has the right to demand conformity to whatever ordered.

Fabrica will not accept complaints after a period of 14 days from delivery.

Returns Reimbursements and

The right of recess from the order as well as requests of reimbursement and returns by the client and concerning any article bought through the web site, must follow this procedure:

  1. a) Any returns request must be presented within 14 days from the delivery date of said items through e-mail to the following address: support@majordomo.ch
  2. b) Products must be returned in the original packaging while being careful to utilize the item’s own protection to avoid scartches, abrasions and dents, and completed of each single part they were delivered with in the original package.
  3. c) Returns costs are at customer’s charge.
    Fabricawill verify that returned items be in the initial condition, it being understood that Fabrica will exercise its right to ask for reimbursement for any damages or mismatch of the order         delivered to the client. Any eventual damage during transport must be communicated within 48 hours, under penalty of forfeiture of free replacement. In case of recess, reimbursement will be made after the above stated rules.



Fabrica has the right to modify the prices of the items on sale, as well as the shipping costs, according to market conditions.
Online prices are comprehensive of taxes.
Online prices are indicated in Swiss currency.
On the shopping cart it is reported the price of the item and the cost of shipping.

As specified below and as indicated in the shopping cart, Fabrica reserves the right to modify the prices of any article on sale on the web site at any time and without prior notice. The client will pay the price which is indicated online at the time of purchase.
Fabrica accepts payments made through Visa, MasterCard, PostFinance credit cards and through PayPal

At purchase time the client is switched to the PostFinance server which handles the transaction in maximum security by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with128 bites encryption.

Shipping will be authorized only after the client’s credit card verification by PostFinance. The client will then receive an e-mail confirmation with an invoice which will include taxes and shipping charges. It will also indicate a probable delivery date which is subject to variations due to labour strikes, extreme weather, and other events not directly related to Fabrica.

Refusal to accept delivery

In case of unjustified refusal of acceptance our merchandise delivery, Fabrica will charge the client with all shipments costs.


Einhaltung der Bestellung zu verlangen.
Reklamationen werden nach Ablauf der 14 Tage ab Lieferdatum nicht akzeptiert.


Rücksendungen und Rückerstattungen/Wiederrufsrecht

Die Ausübung des Widerrufrechts der Lieferung von Seiten des Kunden und die Anfrage der Rückerstattung des Kaufpreises oder der Rücksendung der gekauften Artikel im Online-Shop müssen wie folgt gehandhabt werden:

  1. a) Die Bitte um eine eventuale Rücksendung der Produkte müssen innert 14 Tagen nach Erhalt der Sendung an die E-Mail Adresse support@majordomo.chgetätigt werden.
  2. b) Die Artikel müssen in der Originalverpackung zurückgeschickt werden. Der Kunde ist verantwortlich für die einwandfreie Lieferung jedes einzelnen Stückes und garantiert deren Ganzheit. Die Artikel dürfen keine Kratzer, Abschürfungen oder Beulen aufweisen und müssen komplett in der jeweiligen Verpackung sein.
  3. c) Die Kosten der Rücksendung gehen zu Lasten des Kunden.

Fabrica wird kontrollieren ob die zurückgesandten Artikel effektiv in ihrem Originalzustand sind. Es versteht sich dass die Firma vom Recht der Rückzahlung des Schadens Gebrauch machen wird, falls die Produkte beschädigt sind. Ein eventueller Transportschaden muss uns innert 48 Stunden gemeldet werden, ansonsten erlischt das Recht für den kostenlosen Ersatz.
Im Falle des Widerrufs wird die Rückzahlung nach den obgenannten Kontrollen überwiesen.



Fabrica kann jederzeit die Preise der Produkte oder die Lieferkosten, auf die sich veränderten Marktbedingungen anpassen.
Die Preise aller auf der Internetseite angebotenen Produkte sind inklusive Mehrwertsteuer.
Die Preise der verfügbaren Artikel werden in CHF angegeben.
Im Einkaufswagen sind der Preis des Artikels und die Lieferkosten ersichtlich.
Wie gemäss untenstehend und im Einkaufswagen ersichtlich, kann Fabrica die Preise der angebotenen Artikel auf der Internetseite jederzeit und ohne Voranmeldung anpassen. Dem Kunden werden die beim Kauf publizierten Preise berechnet.

Fabrica akzeptiert Zahlungen mit Visa Card, Master Card, Postfinance und PayPal.

Während der Kaufabwicklung wir der Kunde auf Postfinance umgeleitet, welche die Transaktion mit grösster Sicherheit mit dem Protokoll SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ausführt.

Der Versand der Bestellung wird erst nach Ueberprüfung der Kreditkarte des Kunden von unserem Bankinstitut Postfinance, durchgeführt. Sie erhalten eine Bestätigung der Bestellung sowie die Rechnung inkl. Mehrwertsteuer und inkl. Lieferkosten via E-Mail. Ebenso ist das geschätzte Lieferdatum ersichtlich, das im Falle höherer Gewalt ( Streik, Ausschreitungen, negative Wetterbedingungen) variieren kann.