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What Kind of Hangers Are Best for Clothes?

Clothes are purchased and are stored in wardrobes. However while purchasing most individuals are very selective about the clothes they want to wear but when it comes to storing those same clothes one takes recourse to commonly available plastic or metal hangers. These hangers can be even acquired for free but these damage the clothes on one way or the other. Rusting of metal wire hangers can make the clothes damaged permanently. Stretching can also occur when the hangers are not well designed in terms of thickness. Another problem is the slipping of clothes from the hangers. You can bid adieu to all these problems by simply switching over to wooden clothes hangers. These hangers are shaped out of fine quality wood and can be used in any wardrobe without any problem.

The disadvantages of commonly used hangers

Hangers when used for lining the clothes in the wardrobe have to be chosen correctly. The well known problems associated with wire and plastic hangers are discussed below:

  • The snapping of plastic hangers due to excess weight: As plastic hangers are not that sturdy it can snap from the middle or get permanently misshaped due to weight. In the wardrobe there are many garments that are heavier than other clothes and one cannot keep these folded in a corner because it will cause unnecessary creases on the garment but plastic hangers are unsuitable for such clothes.
  • The puffing of shoulder points of garments caused by wire hangers: Wire hangers destroy the shape of the entire garment and in many instances the garment slips off from the hanger and lies at the bottom of the closet. The puffing is caused by the sharp pointed ends of the metal wires used in such hangers.
  • The formation of rust: Wire hangers for clothes develop rust when there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. This rust starts eating away the portion of the garments that are in direct contact with the rust surface of the hanger. This will definitely destroy the dress and will render it inapt for wearing.

Hence these problems that affect the clothes in the wardrobe and also mar the entire look of the wardrobe have to be solved and the best possible solution is wooden clothes hangers. The different kinds of wooden hangers are given below:

  • Hangers for erectly holding suits: Suits are often used as a form of formal attire and have to be kept in a proper fashion so that it can be worn again. If the suits are not properly kept then it can get damaged or folds might develop. In order to keep the problems at bay the wooden hangers have a broad top part that can hold the shirt properly without causing any folds or puffing. The bar for keeping the pants is smooth but won’t allow the garment to slip.
  • Hangers for children: Kids also have a choice when it comes to wearing clothes and they should also be given an opportunity to choose and select. Hangers which are specially sized for kid’s garments are made in such a way so that the kids can handle the hangers without getting hurt. These wooden hangers are not only small but also extra smooth so that it can be held by delicate hands.

The choice when it comes to wooden hangers is many. The hangers are available in a variety of sizes so if the wardrobe isn’t suitable for standard sized hangers then looking for another size that will fit the wardrobe can be easily done without any problem.